TEDxPickeringStreet 2018-THRIVE 生意盎然


We are back with another edition of TEDxPickeringStreet! Featuring new speakers, a festival of ideas and ASL interpretation!

An event where YOU are the protagonist

At TEDxPickeringStreet, you aren’t just the audience. You are the catalyst.
The speakers are just inspirations. We invite you to join the conversation about how we can thrive, individually and collectively. Share your wisdom, reach out to someone new, and transform these connections into actions. Grow not just yourself but also the world around you.

OUR THEME: THRIVE | 今年的主题: 生意盎然
As a species, we have survived countless conflicts, upheavals and disasters, we are survivors. And just as we have survived on earth, the earth has survived us. But is survival all that we are capable of?
We can do more than survive. We can thrive and thrive together, people and planet.
Join us as we explore ideas and solutions from across various disciplines that can empower us to thrive, and thrive together.
#EmpoweredToThrive #TEDxPickeringStreet
至今,人类在重重的战争、变迁和灾害中存活下来。我们是生存者。而正如我们努力的在地球上求生,地球也在人类的摧残之下努力的求存。但我们终究就只能停留在 “生存”的阶段吗?
“生存”并比代表“生活“。我们与地球不仅能够“生存”, 还可以一起活的“生意盎然”。

Compelling ideas and fascinating perspectives

We believe that language should not be a barrier in the sharing of good ideas, which is why all talks come with Simultaneous Interpretation (ENG-CHN/CHN-ENG) and ASL Interpretation.

[Our Line-up]

Ethan Seow, Founder of Undelusional
Why do people have an inability to satisfy needs despite plentiful resources (And how to solve it)

Bunnie Huang, Hacker & Researcher
IP in China in the Internet Age

Joan Leong, Photographer
Grieving through Remembering

Dr. Dawn-Joy Leong, board member of Disabled People’s Association
Autistic Thriving

Sankar Ananthanarayanan, Herpetology Enthusiast
When animals aren’t so cuddly

Jelle Therry, Landscape Architect at Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
Second Nature: Beyond the Green and the Blue

Allia Hu 胡健, Director of Miling’an
The Most Beautiful Scenery in Taiwan

Dr Swaine Chen, Genomics Researcher
DNA and genomics will transform our lives

Amutha Saravanan & Saravanan Manokorum, Founders of Da Vinci Group
The Science of Thriving

Teodora Pavkovic, Positive Psychologist
Emodiversity: Add to Dictionary

Herry Cho, Head of Sustainable Finance Asia Pacific at ING
How sustainable finance can better power our sustainable future

Nirmala Murugaian, Educator & Principle of Child at Street 11
The Transformers

Manav & Roma Mehta, Keeper of Faith & Reeves at Red Room Taipei
Stir the Pot

Installation by Artist in Residence Tina Fung

For full line-up, please click here.

Quality conversations about things that matter

We know quality conversations are hard to come by these days, so we've decided to dedicate an entire room to having conversations that matter!

Pre-register your slot now to avoid disappointment (and lengthy queues)!

Climate Conversations

Smol Tok

Dialogue with Time
(registration not required, but do check out the full experience at the Science Centre!)

Grow yourself, learn new skill

To learn more about the experiences and to sign up for the workshop of your choice, click here.

And so much more…

We’ve unearthed all of Singapore’s hidden gems and curated a village full meaningful and satisfying activities to make your day worthwhile. Bet you’ve never seen so many unique showcases and activities under one roof!

There’s the bazaar zone where you can:

  • make a statement with body marbling by Mural Lingo
  • get some awesome Henna tattoos with Henndrawn
  • pamper yourself with artisanal skincare from WANT
  • Or pick up some items for a more sustainable lifestyle with Unpackt!

And for the foodies out there, indulge in delights from our local vendors:

  • Park Bench DeliBootstrap
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Juice Junkie
  • Lt. Kernel

We also have 9 exciting booths for participants to engage in and witness new innovations and ideas! Learn about people doing transformative work in Singapore:

  • Try out Dialogue in the Dark’s dark room experience, where the sighted becomes the unsighted
  • VERE360’s VR experience of mental health issues
  • Learn how positive psychology can make a positive change in your life!

There are also fun challenges with prizes to be won

  • Challenge yourself! Test your limits with the 10-Minute Photo Challenge, or maybe you fancy a Tinee Dino Hunt?
  • Win a limited gift bag by completing the AIA Vitality Challenge at the event!

For a full list of vendors, exhibitors and program please click here.

Green is the New Norm

We believe that all events should be green events! Join us in making green the new norm! You can help by:
  • Bringing your own cutlery, water bottle and tote bags to minimize the usage of plastic at our event
  • Cleaning out the food in your containers at our sustainability corners to help us with our food recycling drive!
  • Sort your trash! We’ve got recycling bins at each sustainability corner, place the right items into the right bins!


The festival is free to enter and is open to public from 1000-1800

Meanwhile the conference is ticketed and begins at 0900. Registration begins at 0815 and doors close at 0850; so don’t be late!

0815-0850 Registration

0900-1114 Session 1

1140-1310 Session 2

1310-1420 Lunchtime activity

1420-1520 Lunch break

1520-1640-Session 3

1640-1700 Tea break

1700-1830 Session 4


32 33 120 132 145 (5 min walk)

139 (1 min walk)

NEAREST MRT: Redhill Stations (5 minute walk)

A shuttle bus to and fro the MRT station is also available, please check out the Enabling Village Website for bus schedule.

Parking is available but extremely limited, help reduce the carbon footprint for this event by taking public transport!


TEDxPickeringStreet is an event that is licensed by TED, and run entirely by people who have day jobs and decided they don’t want to have a life (aka volunteers).

DID YOU KNOW?: We’re called PickeringStreet because we are named after William Pickering, the first British official to speak and write mandarin? It’s to pay homage to our roots as a bilingual TEDx event!

DID YOU ALSO KNOW: We have a social media unicorn. ‘NUFF SAID.

NEED A BUDDY? Swing by Broc & Bells to find people to attend the event with!


A very big thank you to our partners

Community events are only possible because of the community behind it. This year more than 20 partners and organizations have come together to make this event possible:

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Sat Aug 4, 2018
9:00 AM - 6:30 PM SGT
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